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Join us to promote and preserve our ancient heritage and indigenous traditions.

Let’s build a conscious, ethical & sustainable organization together.

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IndieStori Private Limited
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To support our mission for creating a sustainable ecosystem, connect with us.

Partner with us

We believe in collaboration & not competition

We would like to invite farmers, SHGs, Social welfare organizations, Communities, Corporates and any other organization who believe in our vision of creating a sustainable ecosystem for all of us in harmony with nature. We invite any organization/individual who would like to collaborate with us in our mission to produce, promote, preserve and protect the indigenous culture and traditions of Indian subcontinent so that we together can spread our message to larger
communities globally.

If you believe we can bring a change together or you can add value to our mission, get in touch with us.

Volunteer with us

A passionate volunteer can bring change in the society

We would like invite like-minded individuals who can add value to our work through their knowledge and experience to volunteer with us. We’re currently looking for volunteers to work with us based on their interest and skills and are welcome to assist with leadership and learn the art of building an organization from scratch. You can also work with us in our community engagement projects where you will get a chance to work with the farmer, artisan and weaver communities.

If you’re unsure about what you’re good at, but you still want to help with your valuable time and energy, and believe we can add value to your life & career then you should feel free to get in touch with us, drop us a message anytime.

Internship Program

Explore and learn the art of building an organization

College students looking for learning Opportunities to build their knowledge and skills along
with earning a certificate do connect with us.

Looking for
Some Crazy Interns
The Misfits & the Rebels,
The ones who see things differently
and While some see them as the troublemakers,
We see them as CHANGEMAKERS
So, if you are one of them, let us introduce ourselves.

We Are
A seed in the Forest, wanting to become a tree. We are
Passionate, Creative & Committed StartUp
Who Respect
Humans over Degrees
& We Value
Purpose over Profit.
Our sole Mission is to
Add Value and Bring Happiness to all the lives we touch
With a Vision of Creating a Sustainable future for all of us together
In harmony with Nature…
If you still feel we are the right fit for you, here is our Story..

We are looking for interns to handle the following portfolios:

  • Social media Management
  • Content Management
  • Research & Development
  • Video Production

The right candidate(s) will be onboarded into our team through a selection process and a small stipend shall be paid to the deserving candidate(s) along with certificate of internship on completion. In our internship program, we offer not only the skills to enhance the career but also a chance to learn to build an organization which very less organizations offer. If you believe we can add value to your life & career, drop us a message.

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